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To say that artist, Joni Massengale is a Renaissance Woman is to be accurate on more than one account. While still in her early teens she decided her career should follow the route of Renaissance festivals. The journey she made to get there and to stay there would span thirty years and eight different professions: graphic artist, actor, musician, sign & scenic painter, web designer & programmer, journalist, photographer and chef.

At age fifty-five, Joni has settled into dividing her year into her two favorite endeavors. She is the chef and owner of "Joni's Kitchen at Nuevo Chile", a private supper club for participants at the Texas Renaissance Festival held each Fall. In the Spring and Summer her whimsical creations featuring "words of wit and wisdom" can be found in her shop, Hang deSign. at festivals and cons across the country. She is an avid fan of the outdoors and spends her warm traveling months living in a tent with her rescue dog, Django.






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